Romeo All In One Microcontroller


I bought this uno variant from with price SGD$57.50 at that time, quite pricy compare with the official arduino. I choose this one because I’m not a really into deep core hacker with soldier stuffs, so that i don’t need to build my own external motor shield, it’s already built in motor drive.


I’m planning to hack my forklift and put this romeo board to control the mobility, so there will be four cables from the board connected to two dc motors inside, will be another post to share how to make the one for sure.

Ok, focus on the board, this board is arduino uno compatible, so that must select board as “arduino uno” before do the compile the sketches in the arduino IDE. The board has motor drives built in, so it sacrifaces some of the digital I/O Pins, you can not use those pins. They are pin 4 as M1, pin 5 as E1, pin 6 as E2, and pin 7 as M2. Dont forget to supply the external power like 9V battery if u really use the motor drive, because the power from usb can reached the maximum current.

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