Mr Roboto knows how dark and cold inside his room

Finally, I find time to play with Mr Roboto, so that he can understand how dark and how many degree temperature in his room. Basically his left ear has light sensor and right ear has temperature sensor, so i need to read those values, converted, and display into his mouth as LCD.

So far, its quite easy to program inside him, i just need FTDI breakout board 5V, as converter from USB to TTL. And with Arduino IDE I made the sketch code, compile with board type Arduino Pro 5V 16Mhz / ATMega328. And please find the code below

[gist /]

Done the compilation, upload into the Mr Roboto, and Run it with power from USB ( for temporary ). Here we go, Mr Roboto knows how dark and cold inside his room :-)

Photo 7-5-13 9 56 38 PM