Arduino Uno + GSM Shield + StarHub Sim Card : Send / Recv SMS

Ok, lets make a simple ping pong SMS application inside Arduino board, the process is very simple. The board will wait until received the inbound SMS and it will send the outbound SMS back with prefix content like “RE: ” to the mobile phone that the one who send SMS originally.

After the setup is completed like the previous post, including the Uno Board, GSM Shield, and StarHub SimCard.


And we can jump into the sketches like below.

The code itself is pretty simple, the sms object from the GSM Library will help us to handle all the inbound and outbound SMS. And It works fine, after i tested to send SMS from my phone.


And I made the debug thru the serial Arduino to understand what’s going on inside the board, and here the console serial from the IDE.

Screen Shot 2013-10-18 at 9.52.35 PM

FIN ;-)