Assembling TeamYokomo BMax4 II ( Front and Rear Arm )

Im preparing my next hobby project, i have read amp rover website, it’s about how to build autopilot rover. That’s why I’m starting with the rover itself, i choose this monster BMax4 running on 4WD and its from TeamYokomo, I got a cheap price from street revo singapore.


Inside the box, its not a set ready RC Car. We need to build from the scratches, it takes times but I’m enjoying very much the assembling progress. Until now, I’ve done the wheel front and rear parts, here some of the pictures.


Picture above is the main body, its made from plastic and metal, but the construction is well done, it’s very solid and rough.


Picture above is the rear arm parts, it was difficult to build this one especially to put the “Wheel Hub Pin” .


Picture above is the front arm parts, more complicated than the rear one.


Picture above is after the rear arm applied into the main body.


Picture above is after the front arm applied into the main body.