DIY DB9 Female To 3.5mm Serial Cable

I got frustrated about how to access my Intel Galileo Gen 1 Board thru SSH or Telnet or Arduino or Whatever TCP protocol based. It’s latest firmware seem take out all these default service from the Yocto OS, might make it simpler. The only hope that i can access it, is thru UART protocol on the board, and it will done by 3.5mm serial cable, its look like a stereo jack but its not. This is not a standard cable that you can find easily in the market, and it need to build by your own hand. My laptop doesn’t have any serial connector, so i still need a USB to RS232 Adapter cable, and install driver in the laptop to make it works. The RS232 usually have DB9 type of connector, so i need to build DB9 Female to 3.5mm Serial Cable.

I just need DB9 Male Female Cable, and cut it out in the middle, and connect only Pin 2 Rx White , Pin 3 Tx Brown , Pin 5 Gnd Pink to the 3.5mm start from Ring, Tip, and Inner.

Here is the final result, done.