Accessing Intel Galileo Board Via 3.5mm Serial Cable

The simplest thing to access Intel Galileo Board from Windows Laptop is by using UART 3.5mm Serial Connector that built in inside the board. It need 3.5mm Jack Serial Cable to DB9 Female, and continue with DB9 Male RS0232 Cable to USB Type A Plug. Like the following picture below :


I bought the USB to RS232 Cable with brand “ATake”, inside they have chip “Prolific” as converter. In this case, I need to install the windows driver, and it available on their site After the driver installation, it will shown in the device profiles as , like the following picture below :


It named as “Profilic USB to Serial Com”, mine defined as COM19. From the COM selection, I can change the baud rate value, by right click and choose the properties like the following picture below


I set the baud rate to the max 115200 , and the rest is still remain the same. Done, so far the serial cable is setup successfully, now its time to remote the board.

To remote the device, i just use the “Putty” application, and choose the Serial Connection, COM number 19 , and Baud Rate value 115200, and it will connected and require the login, by default the firmware set no root’s password.