How to make intel galileo talks to the world

I have my Windows Laptop connected to internet thru Wifi, and the Intel Galileo Board is connected to the laptop thru Ethernet. But how to make the board is also connected to internet? Well i can share the wireless connection which connected thru internet to local connection. Just choose menu : Settings > Control Panel > Network Connections > Go to the connection that have internet connection > Properties > Tab Advanced > Check “Allow other network users to connect through this computer’s internet connection” > Select Local Area Network ( the one connect with Intel Galileo ) >  Uncheck “Allow other network users to control or disable the shared internet connection” > Ok, like the following image below


Now, I need validate about my ip as a gateway for that board, and i need also my dns ip that usually use the same with the gateway ip, like the image below


In the local area network area, my laptop was set as, and this ip will use for Intel Galileo as a gateway. Ok, now i need to setup eth0 in my Intel Galileo, and i use Putty for the terminal to remote, like image below


Ok, done. I can access the google now from my Intel Galileo.