Messaging Basic Module

Since i read messaging ebook like “Enterprise Integration Pattern”, it give new perspective about how to build good messaging platform. In the mean time i worked as Senior Java Developer for advertising messaging platform, it force me to build robust and yet flexible application.

There are two level applications to do with messaging platform, one is enterprise level like Java Messaging Service (JMS) with Enterprise Messaging Queue and the other is low level like DIY application.

Both has pro and cons, and Im doing at the DIY one, it require simple J2SE Runtime, low level and common libraries. It run with small heap memory, and it fast. It design to handle smaller amount of message traffic.

The more deep into the messaging platforn, i found several pattern than we can build as library module and it can use by other module.

Now I introduce to you the “Messaging Basic Module”, this a generic module, has light depencies, with some list following features below :
– It formed as jar library
– It shall has persistent feature
– It shall provide internal api
– It shall has load restrictions

This module can be use at enterprise level.