Design for Lacak Platform

Lacak is a tracker platform to serve many variant GPS device vendors with many protocols supported like Gt06, Teltonika, G15c, and etc. Currently the platform is using the monolithic type of application in a single box server. There is a need to move to cluster-wide design of application because the GPS devices are growing from time to time. The cluster-wide idea is to group the GPS devices and each of the group will use the same tracker server, so it must be many tracker servers provided and it the same time all the transaction will go to the same location. The transaction itself store the location of GPS device within the period of time, it has Device Id, Device Time, Longitude, Longitude, Latitude, Speed, Course, etc.

The issue with cluster-wide design is we need to have centralized, cluster-wide, persistent, messaging, and streaming framework. So we came with Apache Kafka which is a Distributed Streaming Framework as a solution. We put the Kafka as a central application that run to deliver each of the  GPS transaction.

We are using Splunk for data analyzer and we build “Lacak-Pusher” to grep all the transaction from Kafka and deliver to the external third party applications include Splunk Server.

Please see the design below :